Q: Does Melinda’s Beauty Salon Provide Hair?
A: Until our official hairline launches, we do sell hair periodically. Please call to inquire if we have any hair In stock. 
Q: How many bundles are needed for a full sew in?
A: Bobs- (2) 12”-14”
2 Bundles if your weave lengths are 18” or under.
3 Bundles if your weave lengths are 18” or over.
Add another bundle to any of these if you desire a very full, voluptuous look.


Q: Hair Recommendations?
Indique Hair 
Sassy Mitchell Hair 
HYPE HAIR By Alonzo Arnold
Kendra’s Boutique
Yummy Hair Extensions 
Mink Tresses 
Her Hair Company 
Diamond Virgin Hair 
Vierge Hair 
The Vanity Box 
White Label Hair 
Candy Jewels Hair 
Princess Hair Shop 
Hair Are Us 
Mayvenn Hair 
Mocha Hair @Aliexpress 
Queen Weave LTd. Co @Aliexpress 


Best Frontals:

Kendra’s Boutique


Diamond Virgin Hair

The Vanity Box
Best Closures:  
Indique Hair 
Q: Can my weave be custom colored?
A: Yes. We do offer coloring services, but not all the time. If your inquiry is accepted, we require your hair to be dropped off at least a week in advance. Please Call to Inquire.
Q: Can I use my previously sewn in weave?
A: Yes. Make sure that the hair is washed and very clean. Small, cut up pieces will not be used.
Bridal Services
Q: I’d love my hair done by an MBS Stylist for my wedding! Can you travel to me?
A: Yes!
Please Email all necessary details:
Date, time, location, style, install preference, hair co., trial date, hours needed, etc.
To crownedby@gmail.com